And just like that…

“We think we see the word as it is, when in fact we see the word as we are.” ~ Steven Covey

And just like that I was a photographer.

It is a sad truth that we are our most limiting factor.  Although I have taken photographs for year, studied photography, and sold photographers whenever someone would ask me what I do, what I was, I was always something else.  More specifically, until recently, I was a Director of Operations that took pictures.  See, the world has never told me that I am not a photographer.  My skill has never held me back from being a photographer.  My education, background, desire, etc. Apparently it was all me. I mean I have all the props, an expensive camera, a website, business cards but still…

And then one day I was talking to someone about design. Talking to them about what they were planning and doing. Somewhere in the conversation it was more me leading than them. There was this look on the guys face, kind of like when a doctor starts talking about someone being hurt and without them saying it, you know they are a doctor.  They guy ask me “what do you do?” And without me thinking (which is often when we get out of our way) I said, “I am a photograph.”

As it does too often, suddenly my insecure internal dialogue kicked in, “no you’re not!”, “why did you say that?”, “what do you think you’re doing?”, etc. And, of course, without a moments pause the guy said… “Oh, cool”. And on we went.

And just like that, I was a photographer.

I appreciate you stopping by.  My motivation ramblings along with my fitness, fun, outdoor, and food life lives on my personal IG page.

My photography live on, my well, photography IG page and, of course, my previously mentioned webpage.

Wayne (Tad) Jones


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