Oh I should stop.

I think we have all done it. Seen something on the side of the road or during our travels and think “Oh, I should stop” aanndd we do not.  This is an especially bad practice as a photographer.  I cannot tell you the number of times I see a great shot (at least in my head) and I think I should stop and I do not.  Followed immediately by that annoying internal voice of mine questioning and then berated my decision not to stop. And for the life of me I cannot explain why I do not stop.  I have this, “I can’t do that feeling”.  Why can’t I?  Is it because it’s not done? Because no one does? Because I will feel silly if I do?  All insanely flimsy excuses and great fodder for that internal judge of mine.

So I drive over the creek almost every day and I always think… wait for it… “Oh I should stop” And… you guessed it… I do not.  So this morning… driving… creek… thought. But this morning I had a “shut up and try” moment.  And well the spot was like something out of  a movie. The attached photo is from my iPhone.

I have no idea what the pictures in the camera look like yet but the spot was amazing and completely worth the stop  All the time wasted, and almost wasted again, by not stopping.  How many things have we miss as we keep going to someplace we don’t really have to or want to be as we pass a place or something we really want experience.  (There is a heavy metaphor in there but I won’t expand on it now, but you get the point.)

And of course I was struck by the stream (no pun intended) of vehicles I heard driving overhead as I took photographs in this great spot just off the road.  I don’t know maybe its just me.  Maybe know of them have ever thought, or were thinking, “Oh I should stop.”

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