Just say something…

Let me admit three things right off the bat. One, the featured image in this post is a stretch of a fit but, as a photographer, I attach images, its the best fit I had.  Two, I promise it’s going somewhere. (Pun intended… path… going somewhere.. 🙂 ) Three, I am so preaching to the choir here.  I suck at what I am going to advise.

I am a bit of an introvert.  Weirdly enough, it is very situational based.  In some parts of my life I am not.  I lead, I talk, I take charge… I am told I am a very big presence.  But, in some parts of my life the thought of talking to someone is so foreign. (I am sure there are mental health providers out there dying to diagnose that.)  More specifically, the idea of talking to a stranger unprompted seems… unheard-of.

A little background here. My “if I ever win the lottery” plan is to move to Savannah and open a coffee shop that sells art or an Art shop that sells coffee.

I live by the mantra, plan, life choice… call it what you will, that everyday you should do one thing to make your life better.  Recently my “thing” was to talk more to strangers, to socialize, network.  The idea alone provokes an overwhelming urge to roll my eyes. But anyway… my one thing… talk… so I did.

My first attempt at this unheard of habit resulted in me talking to a photographer that recently open a coffee shop. In her coffee shop she sells other’s and her art.  And today I made conversation with a photographer that works at a coffee shop and has also figured out how to make her own inspirational t-shirts at home. Wow, universe that is a big heavy handed on the life lesson. But in the universes defense I can be very think headed.

So anyway I think you get the point, just say something.  Who knows it may do something crazy like line you up with individuals that share your life goals. If nothing else it has yet to kill me, as my preconceived notion lead me to believe.

Thanks and stay chatty.

Wayne (Tad) Jones


My photography IG account

My personal IG account

Oh and the image… follow your path, take the journey, take the steps.  See, I told you it was a loose fit.


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