Then rest…

Anyone that has anything to do with business, achievement, motivation, etc. has heard about the “grind” and you will absolutely hear it from me as well. The grind, as even the name implies, is hard.  It takes a lot of effort. It takes continues effort. People will tell you that you have to constantly work.  That you have to do things other will not.  Put in the hours that other do not. “If you want results others do not get you will have to do the things other do not.”

What others do not always tell you is when you get really tired and you do not feel like you can keep going.  When you feel like it is all too much, that is when you… well… you have to stop and rest.

Not what you expected, right?  But the truth is we all rest because the other thing you always hear about, burnout. Let me be clear, what I am talking about are brief moments of rest or just slowing down.

I have found if I try to keep the same level of motivation and effort on days when I am not feeling it, my overall effort suffers.  I do not do as good of work, I miss things, I make mistakes, I cut corners, my quality falls off, my brand suffers, etc. So in the end staying with it can cost more than it pays. (Sometimes literally)

Also, if you push too hard on those days you will not enjoy it and you run the risk of falling out of love with what you are doing.  Of course if you are having these “tired” days too often you are probably not in love with what you do and if you are not… well that is likely a another blog entirely.

So during those times or on those days when you are tired or distracted, do something different, take a break, have some fun. Reset. Hell, if nothing else, on days you are dragging perhaps you can write a blog on resting. Just saying that might be a good idea. 🙂 Come back fresh, recharge and in love and get back to it.

Thank you and stay rested.

Wayne (Tad) Jones

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