Just like that…

I heard someone die today. Just like that.
I was outside getting my stuff ready to go camping. Suddenly there was a loud boom near by. I assumed in the neighborhood across the street. It was loud enough that it actually startled me. Followed a few minutes later by sirens. I thought at the time and even said to someoneĀ later that it soundly like something blew up and that I hope no one got hurt.
Someone did. A car crossed the line and went head on into a semi and a lady died today.

Just like that.
I didn’t know her and my world will keep going. Heck, I didn’t even stop packing at the time. But I heard someone die today. Maybe that should mean more or less ,I don’t even really know. People die all the time, very often in fact, and we keep going. Really we have to, we are suppose to. It’s our proximity to the death the determines it’s impact on us. Either by location or connection.
Someone close to her though, their life was shattered today. Just like that she is not coming home. Or keeping an appointment. Or cooking or whatever. Just like that, it all ended.
Me, well I guess I was “close” enough to be struck by the fact, right before I go to bed, that I heard someone die today. With a boom her part in this world was done. And I am reminded that no matter our plans or obligations our part in this world can end…

Just like that.
#love #life #live

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