What I want to do when I grow up

“What do you want to do when you grow up?” It is sad that no one really ever asked me that question and as a result I never really thought about it.  On the rare occasion when someone did I would think to myself, “how should I know?” But, finally, as I am about to turn 47 I finally know the answer to that questions.

Let me be clear. I have no world changing cause. I have no desperate need. I will likely make this happen without help. With that said if you are still reading let me tell my story. As I mentioned, I am about to be 47 yrs old. I was raised in a fairly unmotiveated environment. With no plan, mentorship, guidance, or push I did what everyone in my hometown did when they did not have a plan, I joined the Army. I spent 20 yrs as an Enlisted Man in the US Army. Since retiring I have spent about 9 yrs in cooperate American. Without a vision I managed to push to where I am by know what did not feel right.  I would do what was expected or next or the obvious choice and I would think, “Nope this isn’t it”. I never knew what it was I just know I was not “there” yet.

But, for the first time my whole life I can answer what I want to do when I grow up. I am going to be a photographer.

About a month ago I quit a good paying job in the medical management world. It was miserable, I was miserable, the people were miserable. And then one day I had enough. There was some money in the bank so I have a cushion while I look for a job I want. The problem is I still didn’t know what job I wanted.

During my search there have been gaps of time as I look for a job and I do not sit still well so I started filling them with photography. I have always dabbled but well long story short, for the first time in my whole life I finally feel a passion for something. Sadly enough I have never felt that before. Just like I never understood how people knew what they wanted to do, I didn’t understand it when people would talk about thier passion. Until now.

And now I do not want to go back. But the cushion will run out. And as good as I think I am I don’t think my photography will pay the bills before the cushion runs out.

So I am here, I figured what the hell. Maybe someone want to help a retired Veteran that wants to pursue the art of photography.

If you are still here, thanks for listening.

Wayne (Tad) Jones


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