Right versus left

First, let me say I can never remember which side of the brain represents what. I guess it does not really matter or maybe that says something about my approach on this subject.  I joke all the time that I cannot decide if I am a businessman with an artsy side or an artist with a head for business.  I blame this conflict, contradiction, whatever you will call it, on my success and failures in both my art and business world.  Sometimes is hard to decide what rabbit to chase.

You know there had to be a quote buried in here somewhere, “It you chase two rabbits they will both get away”.

However, when I manage to point both sides of my brain in the right direction very good things happen.  I am reminded of this today because the monotony of looking for work and my routine for the last couple of weeks has lead to me falling in a rut.  I went to bed last night with my head spinning with all the things I could/should be doing to get my dream on track.

I woke up this morning and literally made a list of all the things I should do today.  Things really I should be doing everyday.  I had the most productive day I have had in sometime.  I accomplished things in a few hours that have been looming for a few weeks.

My advice is really more for artist.  Although, I believe it is sad that many business people do not have a creative outlet, let us face it, they do not need to be artsy to be successful.  Conversely, I think we can all think of that one Artist that has so much talent but just cannot seem to every get a successful career going.

I am proof that your business and analytical skills can be honed, improved, or developed. It is necessary that an artist bring in a business plan to their life.  I mean you got to eat, right?  So if you do not have a mind for business, find someone that does. And maybe, even just a bit at time, apply some business sense to your artistic day.  The brain, like most things in life, must be well balanced to thrive long term.

Wayne (Tad) Jones


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